Reading USB Scales Over the Internet

As well as being able to send printjobs online, PrintNode allows you to connect to your USB scales over the internet using the PrintNode API. Integrate scales directly into your app with ease.

Plug & Play

No setup required! Just plug your scales into a computer running the PrintNode client. They will display in the client as soon as they are detected and will automatically stream data to the PrintNode server. See our API documentation for more information on how to access this data.

USB Scales

Supported Models

This list shows the models of scales that we have tested and work with PrintNode. If your model is not listed below it is very likely that it will work anyway, as the PrintNode client automatically detects any device that appears to be scales. Please contact us if you have any trouble getting your USB scales to work with PrintNode.

  • DYMO Shipping scale S50
  • DYMO Shipping scale S100
  • DYMO Shipping scale S180
  • DYMO Postal scales M1
  • DYMO Postal scales M2
  • DYMO Postal scales M5
  • DYMO Postal scales M10
  • Metler Toledo PS6L
  • Metler Toledo PS60
  • Metler Toledo PS90
  • 5 lb. Digital Postal Scale
  • 35 lb. Digital Postal Scale
  • 70 lb. Digital Postal Scale
  • 400 lb. Shipping Scale
  • 660 lb. Shipping Scale