Custom Branding

You can brand PrintNode as your own application. You can specify a name and logo, and host download links on your own website. This gives your customers the experience of remaining completely within your ecosystem. The only requirement is that you purchase a Integrator Account.

If you are interested in custom branding, please send an email to

Technical Specs

To produce a custom branded version we'd need the following from you.

  • A application name.
  • Some urls …
    • A link to your website.
    • A windows start menu url. This will appear as a link in the start menu after your client has been installed.
    • A link to a general support page specific to your application. This is optional.
    • A link to a "Can't access your account?" page specific to your application. This is optional.


We can substitute artwork specific to your brand in the installer, the client welcome screen and icons for the application and installer.

Application Icon

sample application icon
An application launcher icon. Same width and height (i.e. square). We strongly recommend submitting this as vector graphic format like svg or osx's .icns. This icon will be displayed in a variety of sizes from 32×32 pixels in a windows start menu to 256×256 pixels on macs with retina displays.

Welcome Screen Logo

sample welcome logo
The aspect ratio of this should be less than 3.5 e.g. the image should not be 3.5 times wider than it is high. It should have a transparent background. This image will be displayed at different resolutions depending on operating system. We strongly recommend submitting this in a vector graphics format.

Windows Installer Banner

sample installer banner
A 164 × 314 px image which will be displayed on the left hand side of each of the installer wizard. You can submit this in any image format; the important thing is it must be the correct size.