Choosing Between URI & Base64 Printing

PrintNode offers two ways to send a PDF PrintJob to a printer:

  • HTTP URI to a PDF
  • Base64 encoded content of a PDF.

It is faster and more secure to send PrintJobs via HTTP URI because the printjob data bypasses the PrintNode server and goes directly to the PrintNode Client.

However, if you are planning on sending small PDFs (such as courier labels) then using the base64 option will be just fine for you. See our API documentation for more information on how to send different kinds of PrintJobs.

URI Base64
Security PrintJobs are hosted on your own servers. PrintJobs are sent through PrintNode servers which may be located outside you country. Note - we don't store your printjobs once they are printed and don't read them.
Speed Faster because PDF's are exactly the same size as the original. Slower because Base64 encoding a PDF increases the file size by 25% and therefore it can take longer to delivery the PrintJob. This will make the biggest difference over a slow internet connection.
Developer Work You need to have a server which can serve your own PrintJobs. You don't no need to worry about hosting and managing your own PrintJobs.
File size Unlimited file size. PDFs must be smaller than 10MB.